It’s finally happening. We’ve been waiting, and praying for more than 10 years now. On August 26th, a 98% vote said “YES” God is leading us in the next steps of our relocation!

We’re referring to this season in our church life as “For Our Neighbors.” It’s the answer to the question—Why do we do what we do? We long to see people we love come to know Jesus, to connect people to God. This new facility will help do that more effectively.

We will continue to do ministry and missions here, and all around the world through the faithful tithes and giving of our church family. Now we’re asking everyone to prayerfully consider giving over and above that to build our new church home. 

We’ve been financially blessed. Some years ago, we began the discipline of setting aside a percentage of the church budget because we knew there would come a time to pay a mortgage. Between savings and our previous campaign, the building fund has grown to nearly $2 million. We sold a portion of our Platte Ridge Property and raised another $400,000. Now it’s time to launch into an “over and above” commitment to build our future church home.

“For Our Neighbors” is the name of our building campaign.  We’re praying for 3-year commitments of $2 million. Every household is asked to prayerfully consider making a sacrificial commitment (over and above your current levels) to be given over the next three years.  We believe, with God’s guidance, this will help meet the financial needs of our church for relocation. “For Our Neighbors” is an important step to our future. It will require involvement from all of us to accomplish God’s call.

I can’t wait to see what God will do as we follow Him.

I LOVE Being Your Pastor!